The two elephants from Bangkok: differentiation & finance

Three years after the Paris COP21 summit, the international community strives to prove that it can do more than just agree on new principles. This time it is about implementation and setting the rules for the new system applicable to all countries under the Paris Agreement (PA). Will it be possible at COP24* in Katowice? After the additional negotiating session in Bangkok Parties remain cautiously optimistic. Let us see why and whether we can support such optimism. During the Bangkok session negotiators worked on all of the issues making up the 'rulebook', otherwise called the Paris Agreement Work Programme (PAWP), which resulted in an impressive volume of 307 pages of compiled text. While m

Climate finance MRV framework still forming, but funds and migrants continue to flow . . .

By Chloe Mcenery Beacham Climate change is reshaping the security landscape in many parts of the world, the climate-conflict nexus exacerbating enforced migration and contributing to instability - featuring heavily in one of the focus regions of Climatekos’ work in recent years, the MENA region, with a constant migration stream from MENA countries and parts of Africa pushing towards Europe. A recent UNDP report addressing resources and security in the Arab States - the planet’s most water-scarce, food-import-dependent, with the largest population of displaced people and rising levels of conflict - warns climate risks threaten development, and could cause a spike in ‘eco-migrants’, with July’

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