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Empowering organisations to contribute to low-carbon development and climate resilience - understanding, accessing and benefiting from climate finance


Climatekos drives environmental finance solutions working with and empowering partners and actors to develop and implement climate strategies and actions for low-emission and climate-resilient pathways. Our focus is on climate finance, policy and strategies and their materialization through climate action project and programme development and implementation. As the successor to the advisory practice of a leading climate action project developer & consultancy, Climatekos builds on more than 20 years of experience in climate action and related advisory and research.


Climatekos gGmbH

Climatekos gGmbH is our non-profit arm, an independent social enterprise in the field of environment and development, focusing on international climate protection. Our overall aim is to support a climate-friendly and –resilient development path. We inform actors about the development, financing and implementation of climate and environmental protection measures as well as support the empowerment of actors to plan, finance and implement actions worldwide.


We develop and implement environment and development projects on our own responsibility and in partnership with other public and civil society actors, in particular in the area of international climate protection. These activities and actions promote and apply climate-friendly strategies and technologies with a view to adapting to climate change and reducing GHG emissions, such as in the following areas: renewable energy and energy efficiency, sustainable and adapted agriculture and forestry, manufacturing of goods and products, water and wastewater, waste management and transportation.


The implementation of our mission relies on the following activities:

  • implementation or support of research and publication projects and related events in the field of climate protection and its financing with a view to share the outcomes with the general public;

  • advisory services to institutions and bodies in the field of climate and environmental protection on national, European and international level;

  • preparation of publications, documentations and research reports that are shared with the general public;

  • implementation of integrated climate, environmental protection and development projects that support the immediate manifestation and application of strategies and technologies for changing and adapting economic activities and lifestyles – including initiation, planning, fund raising, public relations, implementation and management (incl. QA/QC and reporting) in a leading role or as a partner in collaborative partnerships with non-profit or public entities;

  • monitoring of developments in the area of climate and environmental protection.




Climatekos PTE. LTD.

Climatekos PTE. LTD. is a specialist climate change and environmental finance consulting firm. We support businesses, governments and organisations in the development and implementation of climate and finance strategies and related actions, working with public and private sector actors in the wider climate change arena. Developing, appraising, structuring and implementing climate action projects, is ultimately part of our offering.


Our service offering:

  • Strategies - development and implementation of mitigation and adaptation strategies and finance strategies, assistance with establishing regulatory and institutional frameworks, and developing procedures and finance mechanisms.

  • Policy and market intelligence - provision of up-to-date intelligence regarding the developments in climate policy, regulatory frameworks, compliance and voluntary carbon markets, and other environmental finance matters.

  • Policy positions - development of positions and position papers on climate policy, market mechanisms, mitigation or adaptation related issues.

  • Sector and portfolio analysis (mitigation and adaptation impacts) - assessment of sectors, organisations and project portfolios against regulatory frameworks and funding requirements generating climate finance opportunities.

  • Feasibility studies, project/programme development and implementation services - feasibility assessments of mitigation or adaptation projects/programmes and management of mitigation or adaptation project/programme development and implementation processes.

  • Capacity building - education of organisations in successfully adapting to climate change and a low carbon economy.

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