Study on the macroeconomics of energy and climate policies

By Climatekos Climatekos, with its strategic partner Trinomics, is currently joining efforts with Cambridge Economics and E3 Modelling. Together, they will publish a “Study on the Macroeconomics of Energy and Climate Policies“, on behalf of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Energy. The purpose of the assignment is, firstly, to use descriptive and econometric analysis to summarise and learn from the historical evidence on EU energy-related trends in the context of global trends. Secondly, they will explore the role of policy-induced technological innovation and investment-driven low-carbon developments. This will look at the relationships between the economy and innovation, wit

Feasibility study – promoting the deployment of environmentally-friendly technologies and integrated

By Climatekos Climatekos is currently completing a successful feasibility study on a project promoting the deployment of environmentally-friendly technologies and integrated climate strategies in rural communities in Uganda. This is as part of Climatekos’ role as the climate advisor to the International Rural Development Service e. V. (ILD) on all climate change and climate finance matters related to a 3-year project for the development of climate resilience, adaptation and low-emissions strategies for rural communities, the rural poor and rural family businesses in Uganda. This project, which ILD as the development organization of the Federal Assembly of the Catholic Rural People's Movement

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