The “how-to” of accessing climate finance: developing a climate finance handbook for the MENA region

By Climatekos On Tuesday 15th November 2016, the EC-funded ClimaSouth Initiative released a handbook on Accessing Climate Finance: A step by step approach for practitioners, prepared by Climatekos, at CoP22 in Marrakech. The handbook provides a systematic methodology to secure the finances for climate action. Although designed originally as a practical toolkit for public and private stakeholders in the South Mediterranean to access climate finance, this handbook is widely applicable for stakeholders on a global scale. In recent years, many developing countries in the Middle-East and North African (MENA) region have suffered the rising temperatures, increasing drought and desertification asso

Climatekos at CoP22: a new approach to climate risk assessment and aiding climate finance

By Climatekos Next week marks the beginning of the 22nd annual Conference of Parties (CoP22), held in Marrakech, Morocco. This year Climatekos is showcasing the R&D on a cutting-edge tool that is being developed with its strategic partner, Addactis. This tool merges climate impact science with stochastic risk models that are typically used in the actuarial sector. This innovative concept will be revealed at a CoP22 side event, co-organized by UNEP FI, UNEP FS and BVEK. In addition, Climatekos will be presenting a climate finance handbook for South Mediterranean countries. The side event on “strengthening access to climate finance” is organised by the ClimaSouth Project and the Moroccan Devel

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