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A plausibility check of the financial cooperation component and proposed financing mechanisms of the ‘NAMA Support Project India – “Waste Solutions for a Circular Economy in India”. Provision of external support to assess the plausibility of the proposed project concept and plan for implementation including the evaluation of the project’s market conformity and its concessionality. This includes an assessment of the NAMA Support Organisation (NSO), which is responsible and accountable for the proper delivery of funds and/or services, the financial and administrative management of the NAMA Support Project and for reporting to the donors and for monitoring. Where does the NSO stand with regard to the implementation of the Detailed Preparation Phase and what progress has been made with a view to the preparation of the NAMA Support Project (NSP) proposal, including missing elements and data that need to be addressed? Furthermore, the support includes filling any information and knowledge gaps to evaluate the NSP proposal, the partner structure and the proposed NSO entity as part of the due diligence process with a view to their overall suitability and capability to implement the NSP. Last but not least, the NSP concept and mechanisms as laid out in the proposal are assessed

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