Our work

The implementation of this CDKN-funded climate finance assignment aimed at:

  • Enhancing national capacity to identify and prioritise transformative investments for adaptation;

  • Supporting multi-stakeholder engagement and consultation in line with GCF guidance to facilitate a strategic, country-driven and programmatic approach to adaptation investment priorities;

  • Undertaking targeted skills enhancement through on-the-job mentoring, support and skills building;

  • Developing M&E frameworks to measure and report project outcomes, thereby increasing the likelihood of further access to climate finance;

  • Identifying opportunities to scale-up grants and loans and leverage financial grants, building a case for future climate investment by developing an investment-grade adaptation project pipeline and proposals that are in line with the country’s development agenda and national policies and plans;

  • Supporting knowledge sharing through existing national knowledge platforms By aiding access to international funding sources, the Government of Kenya will be able to leverage domestic sources of funds.