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A stocktaking exercise of the current status of the Great Green Wall (GGW) Initiative. The GGW is an African-led movement under the leadership of the African Union, which brings together African countries and international partners, such as the UNCCD, the FAO, the World Bank, the GEF and the IUCN striving for the restoration of the productivity of degraded landscapes in the countries surrounding the Sahara. Officially launched by African Heads of State in 2007, the GGW has evolved into an Africa-wide flagship initiative to combat land degradation, desertification and drought, going beyond the initial objective of halting the expansion of the Sahara Desert through creating a green barrier on its southern border. In light of renewed attention and interest, time is now ripe for a stocktaking effort to assess what exactly has been achieved since the inception of the initiative; where do current member states stand in terms of implementation, and which difficulties do they experience. This assessment is implemented in a participatory manner, engaging all member states to arrive at a stakeholder-based assessment of the implementation status, including an inventory of projects undertaken as part of the initiative and reported results/impacts from such projects.

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