Lidia Wotjal

Associate Consultant

Lidia Wojtal is a climate policy expert with extensive experience in multilateral diplomacy. For over 10 years she has worked on the development and implementation of European and international climate and energy policy, including i.a. mitigation, outreach, carbon markets, and advising on international relations.

Previously, she was the Chief Expert in the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs where she played a major role in the development and implementation of climate policy on European and international levels and diffusion of climate information to all Polish foreign missions. Other past experiences include working on the establishment of institutions implementing the EU ETS, the Green Investment Scheme and Joint Implementation in Poland as well as legal aspects of the measurement, reporting, and verification of emissions.

Lidia actively participated in the global climate change negotiations under the UNFCCC, represented the climate summits’ Presidencies and organized, advised, and managed outreach activities, successfully dealing with highly political and technical issues. She also coordinated the Eastern European Group of the UN at the negotiations and represented the group in the UNFCCC Bureau.

She holds Master's degrees in English and Law. Her native language is Polish and she also speaks fluent English and communicative German and Japanese.