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Laila Stour

Associate Consultant

Associate Scientific Advisor (from Faculty of Science and Technology, Hassan II University)

Laila Stour is a scientist, consultant and academic with extensive experience in mitigation and adaptation to climate change. She previously worked for a project developer and consultancy monitoring CDM projects in Morocco.


She has managed, conducted and contributed to different consulting studies in particular in the Maghreb, MENA region and West Africa for GIZ, for governments and the private sector, including climate strategic advisory, climate policy, project development, adaptation, CDM and carbon market, accessing and benefiting from climate and carbon finance, development and implementation support to climate funds and facilities. 


Over the past fifteen years, she has also conducted various capacity building activities in these countries, which involved organising and delivering a range of workshops and seminars in relation to these topics. She has worked on this with different multilateral and bilateral organisations, such as UNDP, UNESCO, GIZ and the World Bank. Laila has also contributed to studies of vulnerability and adaptation to climate change in Morocco for the Second National Communication of Morocco to the UNFCCC.

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