Climatekos at CoP22: a new approach to climate risk assessment and aiding climate finance

November 4, 2016

Next week marks the beginning of the 22nd annual Conference of Parties (CoP22), held in Marrakech, Morocco. This year Climatekos is showcasing the R&D on a cutting-edge tool that is being developed with its strategic partner, Addactis. This tool merges climate impact science with stochastic risk models that are typically used in the actuarial sector. This innovative concept will be revealed at a CoP22 side event, co-organized by UNEP FI, UNEP FS and BVEK. In addition, Climatekos will be presenting a climate finance handbook for South Mediterranean countries. The side event on “strengthening access to climate finance” is organised by the ClimaSouth Project and the Moroccan Development Agency.


Side event: demystifying Private Adaptation Finance & Action - breaking it down to planning and decision-making

Date: Monday 7th, November 2016

Time: 15:00—16:30

Venue:  Pacific Room (150), Blue Zone


This year, Louis Perroy will be representing Climatekos at CoP22. Pascal Mignery will represent Addactis, a large actuarial firm specialising in modelling and software and related consulting solutions. They will share their views on ongoing R&D work that aims to facilitate climate adaptation decisions in the public and private sector, as part of the side event on “Demystifying Private Adaptation Finance & Action - breaking it down to planning and decision-making”. Building on a study done on the ports sector of Morocco, Climatekos will present a pioneer methodology that combines forward-thinking climate change expertise with powerful statistical risk modelling that is traditionally used in the financial sector.


The purpose of the tool is to break down adaptation decisions and related investments for planners and managers of infrastructure and infrastructural asset portfolios. It has the potential to track projections of different investments, and show where and when they will be most cost-effective. This is a key opportunity to present traditionally complex datasets and climate projections in a tailored and user-friendly way.


Side event: strengthening access to climate finance

Date: Tuesday, 15th November

Time: 19:00

Venue: Green Zone


In addition, Ali Agoumi, a project partner and climate change expert from the Hassania School of Public Works in Morocco, will present a handbook on how to access climate finance. The handbook takes into account the latest developments in the context of direct access to funding. He will lay out how private investments in climate action work, and how best to leverage private capital with public seed funding. The overall objective is to assist the 9 South Mediterranean countries (Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine and Tunisia) to access vital funds for adaptation and mitigation. The toolbox is designed for governments and other stakeholders, including the private sector and non-governmental actors. It provides step-by-step guidance for targeting climate funding, compiling applications and leveraging finance through several funding opportunities.


These events will be of interest to a wide audience, including local governments, public and private investors, and infrastructural asset managers. Interested parties will be able to provide feedback, guidance and support for the further development of the tool and the handbook. Ideally, the audience will stimulate debate about the varying means of managing climate impacts. They will also provide insights into the application of these practical toolkits to act climate change.

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